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Backhaul Transmission

In a telecommunications network the backhaul transmission is an

essential part of the network, connecting the core network with access

network. The rapid growth of voice, text and data within the network

requires more reliable, robust and scalable transmission requirements.

The required backhaul capacities will continue to grow due to new

coverage and capacity cell sites as well as higher demand for data

networks, such as 3G, 4G and in future 5G.

ACG has a vast experience in providing backhaul transmission solutions to government and private entities. We have strategically build backbone transmission sites, connecting major cities in Afghanistan. Our transmission sites provide access and connectivity to major wireless operators in Afghanistan.

ACG provides transmission solutions for high capacity long haul links to medium capacity short haul access links, since microwave is the leading transmission technology for mobile backhaul. We not only rely on microwave backhaul technology but in fact also provide satellite backhaul to reach remote and rural areas, where traditional microwave transmission is not geographically and financially feasible.

We work with industry leading microwave and satellite vendors and service providers. 


We take pride in by bridging the digital divide and reaching out to the un-served and under-served regions of Afghanistan.

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