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Power Engineering Services

ACG's power engineering team specializes in the delivery of integrated power solutions. We have successfully designed, installed and overcome logistical challenges in the process of providing and maintaining dependable power sources for various telco projects. Our capacity combined with high quality equipment, experienced engineers and dedicated management team strategically positioned around Afghanistan.

ACG is able to provide to its customers the following services:

  • Voltage stabilizers for incoming grid power

  • Diesel generators

  • Solar and generator hybrid power systems

  • UPS and battery back-up systems

  • Battery bank monitoring and trending analysis

  • Diesel generator maintenance and fueling services

  • Customized power cabinets, distribution centers, and wiring solutions

  • Remote monitoring system

  • HVAC design and equipment

Solar Hybrid Power System

Afghanistan has abundant clean energy in the form of solar radiation. ACG has integrated a variety of photo-voltaic (PV) equipment into customized, dependable systems that now power telecom sites in several locations around the country. 


The largest PV systems ACG has deployed have:

  • Solar arrays with 78 PV panels and a power output of 17,000 watt

  • Battery banks to store the solar energy for use at night that can

       store 125 kWhs

  • Inverting capacity of 15 kWs

  • Dual back-up generators rated 33 kVA

It is worth noting that when compared with the cost of running

diesel generators 24/7, PV systems usually pay for themselves in only a few years.

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